1010data builds a big data bartering platform in the cloud


If you’re in the market to buy and sell data sets, or maybe to track down some particularly useful analytics applications, 1010data thinks it has just the thing for you. The company, best known for its cloud-based analytics service that lets users quickly analyze huge amounts of relational data using a spreadsheet-like interface, has launched a new platform on which users can build their own applications and buy, sell and mashup their data sets with the rest of the community.

Called the Analytical Dataspace, 1010data’s new offering is like the Walmart (s wmt) of data marketplaces in that it brings together everything you need for valuable analytics — data, applications and even some customer service. Or maybe it’s like the Goodwill of data, in that the data sets are used, but not used up. However you choose to characterize the Analytical Dataspace, though, it’s probably a good idea and…

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